"Simply put, America doesn’t need more career politicians, but could sorely use a few more Doctors like Linda Andrei!  Ethically-based leaders with the capacity and altruistic motivation to cooperate in identifying, and implementing, the beneficial “treatments” and solutions to heal the many disparaging economic and social injustices, and thus mend our broken systems..." READ MORE

- Richard F. Daniels

"I am very impressed by your priorities, your commitment to campaign, your willingness and ability to get up to speed about so many of the issues affecting people in this district, your compassion, your ability to connect with people of many educational and socioeconomic backgrounds. Thank you so much for running."

- C. B.


"I attended the Straw Poll on Monday night, and you won my heart. You stood out among the others as the only one who didn't once try the "I'm the only one who..." stance, and you're also the only one who expressed yourself in a way that doesn't make it about propagating the never-ending Democrat vs Republican battle. You presented yourself as someone who truly wants to be inclusive of representing 100% of the district as much as possible, which is important. I'm incredibly left leaning, but I don't want to continue fighting my right leaning neighbors. I want someone who can bring us together on common ground."

- C. K. 

"I feel that Linda is the strongest candidate for the November election. She has experience working in rural areas, healthcare is the number one concern for the district, and she is direct, pointed, strong, and very capable of going one on one with Tom Reed in a debate. I appreciate positivity, but I think strength and calling out untruths is what will resonate and win this election."

- M. B.