Why I believe Linda Andrei is the right candidate to represent our 23rd congressional district!

I have always contended that leadership doesn’t necessarily come from the top!  Considering Rosa Park’s decision not to give up her seat, my own mother’s refusal to “institutionalize and try to forget about” me, as well as many other acts of advocacy, and the current #MeToo movement began 10 years ago by Tarana Burke, there have been many relatively unknown heroines that have been catalysts of significant change in our communities and the world!  Choices and actions born from principle, compassion and determination which ultimately transformed the lives of others!

Knowing Linda Andrei, as I do, I believe, akin to the many women who positively effect change, her decision to run for office of Representative for New York’s 23rd congressional district is founded in these and other important values!  As a retired medical Doctor, her perspectives and motivations are rooted in the ethical medical principles of autonomy and justice, beneficence, and non-maleficence.  Principles glaringly absent in a great number of our career government officials today.  Independent of the political quagmires impeding the reparations and progress American’s have consistently been clamoring for, Linda’s trained skills for listening and empathizing, coupled with her proven diligence and determination fuel her overarching intention of healing.

Simply put, America doesn’t need more career politicians, but could sorely use a few more Doctors like Linda Andrei!  Ethically-based leaders with the capacity and altruistic motivation to cooperate in identifying, and implementing, the beneficial “treatments” and solutions to heal the many disparaging economic and social injustices, and thus mend our broken systems.  To the benefit of a relative few, much of the current Capitalist oriented agenda is maleficently undermining the health of our planet and perpetuating the sicknesses and divides threatening to ruin our nation.  Policies that only serve to maintain the average American’s lack of autonomy in pursuing our founding Father’s tenets of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”!  As an “untethered” and passionate candidate, I’m confident Linda Andrei would press for the Democratic transformations in our legislature to foster a healthier and happier and more productive America!

– Richard F. Daniels